Look Book!

Hey all you fashion/style/art lovers out there! Today I came across this cool site called LOOKBOOK.nu and I LOVE IT! I'm always looking for inspiration for designs and some styling stuff that I put together and normally I look at art and photography this is one of the few fashion sites that actually inspire me to push the bar...

This site allows people from ALL OVER THE WORLD to post pictures of outfits being worn by themselves and others. They're extremely unique and pretty impressive outfits. What adds to the coolness is that these people aren't posed in their rooms in front of the mirror, they're impromptu photo shoots!!! There's a ton of different styles from a ton of different countries. I can guarantee that you WILL be impressed. Want to see more, well there's so many AMAZING images that I cant even pick just a few!!! LOOKBOOK.nu ... CHECK IT OUT!!!!!

Stay Couture, Aliciia

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