Spring Fashion... DUDE'S EDITION

Spring is right around the corner and whether you're male or female, we all wanna look good! Ladies, I've been putting you on for a while now. It's time I tell ya'll fella's about some fashion trends! What do I think is going to be in fashion for you guys? I'm about to tell you...

1. Short sleeved button up's: We're going to see less of the pushed up long sleeves on button up's and more of the actual short sleeves.

Vintage Red Plaid Shirt from Macy's.com

Ben Sherman "Devo" Shirt from Zappos.com

2. Cargo's and Khaki's are coming in with force!: These are great for spring because of the neutral colors and more comfortable fits

Men's Everyday Relaxed-Fit Khakis from OldNavy.com

3. Army inspired pieces: Fellas, this is a trend that has been long coming and now it's finally here so rock it out!

Men's Authentic Cargo Shorts from OldNavy.com

4. Graphic Tee's: They're going NOWHERE. They'll just be toned down.

Both Tees are Crooked Monkey from Macys.com

5. Stand out hoodies & jackets

Polo Ralph Lauren Shawl Collar Cotton-Linen Pullover from Bloomingdales.com

Ralph Lauren Black Label Hooded Jacket from Bloomingdales.com

Some continuing trends will be v-necks, fedoras, blazers, and neutrals so keep those around!!!

Men, take these trends and add work them into your own personal style for a spring step-up!!

Stay Couture, Aliciia
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