MixTape Madness

You have to appreciate the artists out there who don't mind putting out their hard work, asking nothing in return except for their fans to listen. We all know someone who's done so, whether their famous or just a friend trying to fulfill a dream. Here are some mixtapes that you might enjoy. There's all free so don't hesitate to click the album art to download. Happy listening!

Willie (from Day 26) gives us his SexTape. A clever name for the sex symbol himself. The mixtape is filled with "baby-making" music and would definitely do the trick if one is trying to seduce...DOWNLOAD HERE

Our recently featured artists, the Oxymorrons, give us two mixtapes; Better Than McDonalds and Grass on the Field Play Ball - both short and sweet. Filled with eclectic sounds and shocking vibes, you'll like what you hear no matter what genre you're into. The Oxys fuse comedy, skits, instrumental, rap and singing into one...yea that sounds about right, like a bunch of Oxymorrons. DOWNLOAD HERE

Last but not least, In My Zone, a mixtape release from Chris Brown not too long after his album release. I guess Chris wasn't satisfied with the results of his fourth studio album Graffiti and chose to hit the world with even more music. Although I have yet to listen to this mixtape, I'm sure there are some records on there that are worth it. I hope the world won't shun Chris any longer for his actions and respect the music he's putting out. For In My Zone...DOWNLOAD HERE

Any mixtapes you feeling? Let us know!

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