The 'Write' Food

Spring is almost around the corner! Are you looking for a way to lose weight?

Here’s a tip: write your meals down!
I never thought of doing this until I began working on a film set and found myself constantly surrounded by food-GOOD FOOD.

Every hour on the hour, the craft service (small meal-makers) would bring out an assortment of petite meals to eat.

At first, I thought I was in Heaven. After all, a bite or two of a taco won’t hurt much right?

Besides the larger catering service that served an array of larger meals twice a day, I found myself running over to the serving table and looking forward to the next time I was going to eat.

Before I knew it, I had gained weight in places I never knew I could gain weight in!

To help ease my excitement for food, I began to write down every single thing I ingested into my body, and created a simple color-coded log with Microsoft Excel.

When I realized how much I ate, and how much of it was bad for me, I definitely slowed down, and was able to plan what type of foods I would eat and when I would consume them.

Though I did not write down calories, and other specific details, looking at the names of foods was enough for me to become conscious of what I eat, and why I should take better care of myself.

Now, you don’t have to create yours exactly the way I did, but a food diary or simple note taking of your meals can do the trick as well.

Try it out and then drop a buzz.

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