ToP THIS: My Cheap Valentine

Valentine's Day. What's the BIG DEAL? I mean, it's a day where people waste their money on pink and red things. Teddy Bears and chocolate. Ballons and flowers. This might be your view on it all, but let's be real, it does feel nice to have someone that thinks about making you smile on that day.So the dilemma becomes, how can you have a heartfelt valentines day, without crying over empty pockets? I wont promise that these suggestions will be free, but they wont break the bank. Class is now in session, let Ms. King school you.

Anyone can write something sentimental in a card, but how about a "Top Ten reasons Why I Love You" list. This is something that you can do together or create on your own as a surprise. Be creative: use big paper and pictures, construction paper and markers. You'll have a great time going through pictures, reminiscing !

Go out for dessert. Nothing says I love you like food, so pick the sweetest food you can think of. Some of my personal favorite places are Tonnie's Minis, Coldstone,Crumbs Bake Shop and The Cheesecake Factory... YUM

Create a scavenger hunt! Hide a series of riddles and personal messages that will lead your loved one to the ultimate prize. You can start with a short personal message and then write a riddle such as "The next clue is under something that has four legs, two arms but will never walk". That clue should lead that special someone to look under the chair. Be fun and creative. The personal messages should be heartfelt and if you choose, leave a Hersheys Kiss at each clue for a little reward. But remember its a hunt, so hide those kisses well!

Create a drink together. Have fun mixing all kinds of flavors, fruits and syrups until you create the perfect concoction. When your'e done, give it a name. It will be something that will be special to both of you and you can include the drink during other occasions you both share.

Happy Valentines Day
Ms. King

Spread Love. Live Life. Be Inspired.


  1. LOVE!!!!
    I need someone to do all of the above for/with me

  1. Anonymous said...:

    wish i read this sooner

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