eyeWatch: "Forget You"

By far, the best performance at the 2011 Grammy Awards was "Forget You" by Grammy award winner Cee-Lo Green ft. Oscar winner Gwyneth Paltrow. The performance was comical, colorful and full of character. The song, originally "F*** You" is single released off of Cee-lo's album The Lady Killer, released a few months ago in 2010. It's a great song - if you take away the intentions of it - nevertheless, lately you know you have a hit on your hands if your song appears on the hit show, Glee. Some may have been surprised by Paltrow's musical abilities, but in a recent episode of Glee she not only proved that she's a good actress, but that she can too hold a note. So for those of you who thought the Grammys were a bit lackluster, I couldn't agree more, but this performance made me smile. Happy watching!

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