Giving Back Makes a Difference

It warms a true sports fans heart when their team of choice, or athlete, feels compelled to acknowledge their debt to the fans. Without the fans, sports would be nothing. Recently, the Philadelphia Eagles did their part in giving back to the community which supports them; more specifically, a child in need. This child, Nadin Khoury, of Pennsylvania, had been going through a tumultous time at school as a result of hazing and bullying at the hands of his peers.

On January 11th, Nadin was the victim of being drug through the snow by seven other teenage boys,and afterwards hung in a nearby tree. As Nadin hollered in anguish one of the culprates felt the need to video-record his horror. When authorities responded, arresting the young men, they showed Nadin and his family the recording with Nadin responding, "I was trying to escape and to get away from them. For the first two days after my body still hurt. But after that I just got mad everytime I think about it" (Courtesy of the Daily News).

The story was picked up by ABC News and local media, prompting arguably the surprise of young Nadin's life. He was a guest on The View, where Nadin informed the women that he wants to offer encouragement to other kids who are victims of bullying. At the end of the interview DeSean Jackson, Todd Herremans, and Jamal Jackson made a special appearance bringing Nadin a special gift.

See video of Nadin and family on the view below:

Spread Love. Live life. Be Inspired.

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