BHM SpotLight: The Cosby Show

Growing up, we all have our favorite television sitcom. Although this element of television is lacking in today's generation due to reality TV, I thank God for syndication and The Cosby Show. The Cosby Show has always been a favorite of mine. Why? Because it did a lot for television and the African-American culture. The Cosbys were an African-American upper-middle class family. With a mother who was a lawyer and a father who was a doctor, it gave African Americans hope that these titles were accessible. The show gave viewers something to take from each show through serious and comedic methods. The show touched on an array different topics, like dating, drinking, sex, college, home ownership, school and much more.

Here's a little known fact: Comedian Bill Cosby's 1984 sitcom, The Cosby Show, became the highest ranking sitcom for 5 years in a row. The program aired for eight years.

Amazing! Where's this type of television now?!

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