eyePod: Downloads from Ayindigo & Nov

Is your eyePod lacking some up-to-date music in the Hip-Hop category? That's what we're here for. Today we have two tracks from some great unsigned talent.

The stars have arrived! And boy do they sound good! Ayindé + Indigo = Ayindigo have released their second single off of the Ayindigo project (release date TBA); "The Stars Arrived" featuring Fendi. If you know these artists, you know that their lyrical capability alone is crazy. So add a dope track for them to go off on and it's a done deal. The track is smooth and has an ill vibe to it.

Nov, who is new to our audience a rapper from Buffalo NY. Nov started his own label, Majeestyle Entertainment in 2005, and released his first project, The War in Music last year. I think I'm in love with his new single "Just Like You", as you will be too once you hear this joint. To get more information on Nov, visit his website: This Is Nov.

Get your free listen and download of both tracks below. Happy listening!

Download Ayindigo's "The Stars Arrived" ft. Fendi

Download Nov's "Just Like You"

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  1. Anonymous said...:

    the just like you joint is crazy!

  1. Ja said...:

    Good stuff

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Just Like you + Nov = Dope

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