Trend Check: The New Puritan

Fashion: Ever-changing, recycled, reused, innovative, and expressed through new trends. What is it now? As TopShop has so eloquently put it, we'll call this one "The New Puritan". Styled with its razor sharp tailoring in black, white and red - alongside a decadent touch of stand-out pieces in velvet and leather - it's simply a good look!

Ladies, take your wardrobe to new heights by stepping away from the burgundy and forest green of the fall, and go back to the the basic black and white pallet! Add a bold pop of red alongside some metal pieces, heels or high boots - and bridge the gap between edginess and femininity and you're set!. Take a look at some of the pulls from the TopShop look book and shop for your favorites at!

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  1. Fash!on!sta said...:

    I love everything about this trend.

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