eyeListen: "Major Moves" & "Interesting Encounter"

If you've been wondering where the new fix of music is from some of the most talented unsigned artists - look no further. Oxymorrons, Eric Sosa, Indigo, and Ayindé - if you know elleELLEeye, you've heard these names before. We all know artists out there grinding, but these fellas are making "Major Moves". It's been a minute since Ayindé has released new music (he discusses the reasons why in his recent video), but him and Indigo have been working on a project with Tru Statement Entertainment - Ayindigo. The first single off of the project has been released and it is entitled, "Major Moves".

Download Ayindigo's "Major Moves"

Next up we have Eric Sosa and the Oxymorrons with their Halloween released record, "Interesting Encounter". Produced by Sonic Relief & Ony of The Oxymorrons, the track has an interesting sound to it and the flare of the artists on it. Happy listening!

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  1. Mark said...:

    Both tracks go hard!

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