eyeAsk: Who Encourages The Encouragers?

Between talking to friends, studying the issue and finding answers/solutions, I still feel compelled to hear, read and/or see what you think about this:

eyeAsk: Who encourages the encouragers? Who is supposed to lead the leaders? Who heals the healer? Who inspires the inspiring?

Some may say God, other may say each others - truth is, both are correct. There are so many answers that one can come up with, but I'm interested in hearing what you have to say. I'll answer in a comment as you should as well!

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  1. Personally, I believe that we (the leaders, the healers, the teachers & the encouragers) are encouraged through God. He places people in our lives to speak His word to us and show us that He is always there rooting for us even through our toughest times. We are also lead by those that came before us.

    We may be trying to accomplish something that was started by the people who attempted before us. Look at our current president for instance, President Barack Obama. I'm sure there were so many discouraging people saying that he would never be in the position that he's in today, but on the other hand, I'm sure he was also motivated by the Martin Luther King Jr. And the Malcom X who paved the way for people like him to have a chance to be great.

    We must encourage one another and always spread love to one another. Instead of trying to bring one another down, we should want to build each other up because there's room for everyone to be great.

  1. DANiE said...:

    Yea I agree. The Encouragers, Leaders, Healers, and Inspirations should def draw closer to God, because he's the ultimate encourager.

  1. Tyrana said...:

    Good question and great answers.

  1. Fash!on!sta said...:

    Hmmm. I never thought about this. I'm the one who needs the encouragement and gets it from others. I think i take my friends that offer these things to for granted. But I will ask them to post their answers

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