eyeWatch My Heath: Loco For Lokos?

According to theroot.com, Washington state attorney general Rob Mckenna is pushing for the FDA to ban the popular alcoholic beverage Four Loko nationwide. This push is the aftermath of a recent incident where 50 Central Washington University students became sick from drinking Four Loko's at a house party.

Four Loko is said to contain as much alcohol found in a six pack and as much caffeine as in five cups of coffee. I don't know about you guys but, this just sounds like a bad combination to me. Although, this is a cheap quick fix I truly believe its not worth risking your own health.
My Four Loko days are dead and gone, what about yours?

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  1. Anonymous said...:

    People dont care what theyre drinking anymore. The goal is to get drunk and feel the effects later. Its sad I really hope it gets banned

  1. Lucretia said...:

    I'm not the biggest fan of Four Lokos, I'm more of a Joose person myself. However, I know that in this economy (which is evidently not going to improve at this time), the people who work in the factories and those associated with the can-making, label-making, advertising, etc. can NOT afford to lose jobs at a time like this. There aren't many other options out there for them during this recession. Also, yes there is the issue of the black-outs, but that has absolutely nothing to do with the Four Loko company, and everything to do with misuse by the teens who use it. That's why there are laws out there for drinking being under 21, because they cannot handle alcohol as well. I'm not saying that I haven't drinken alcohol or that others under 21 shouldn't drink at all (with the permission of their parents, for the public's sake), but what I am saying is that teens cannot handle as MUCH alcohol. It's been scientifically proven. Besides that small point, why would the government punish the Four Loko company for the consumer's mistakes? If you want to solve the issues of black-outs, educate consumer's on the issue of black-outs concerning Four Lokos. If it becomes more publicized that Four Lokos CAN cause black-outs with too MUCH consumption, then consumers will know not to drink as much and be more responsible when doing so. If it really comes down to it, the government can place a limit on the purchase of Four Lokos. I'd say having less work is better than having no work at all. Another option I could recommend is to raise the price on the drinks. One reason that they're so accessible to students is because they're so damn cheap! Not only would this limit purchase/consumption on the products, it would benefit the factory as well! Anyway, that's just my take on things :)

    PS: I'd also like to add that its not the Four Lokos themselves that have been causing the black-outs. It's the fact that Four Lokos are an energy drink that keeps consumers AWAKE when the drink as opposed to most alcohol that makes them tired, and this causes them to drink MORE. Not necessarily Four Lokos, but other drinks as well. So again, its not the Four Lokos company's fault. It's consumer mis-use that is the essential problem at hand. NO ONE CAN AFFORD TO LOSE JOBS DURING THIS RECESSION. If a whole slew of people lose their jobs, that affects the WHOLE country, not just them.

  1. Fash!on!sta said...:

    This lady above me low key wrote an essay. I heard it got banned in NY recently

  1. DANiE said...:

    Thanks for your point of view... I see it like this...

    Hypothetically speaking: If someone made a drink that consumers can only consume 5 ounces, before they black out, and the company puts a 5 ounce warning label on the product, does it make it alright to sell, and should we just blame the deaths on irresponsible consumption???

    Yea I guess there's two sides to this. Yes people cant afford to lose their jobs but at the same time... we all know alcohol is a poison and the question becomes "how much is too much"?

    I say change the ingredients or ban the drink.. No job is work someones life.

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