November is: American Diabetes Month

During November, I will do my very best to address different health observances. First on the list: American Diabetes

-Diabetes is a common disorder from trouble in the endocrine system (your hormones like insulin, & other chemicals)
-Diabetes comes in two types:
1 & 2.
-Non insulin-dependent (Type II) is not only preventable, but in many cases curable.

Did you know?
-Over 20 million adults and children have diabetes in the U.S.
-According to the
American Diabetes Foundation, about 50 million more people have ‘prediabetes’ and are at risk for developing type 2 diabetes.
-What’s worse is that the death rate of diabetes has risen over 40% since 1987 compared to other diseases that have declined.

But have no fear bizzybodies!

I’ve researched some ways you can prevent your sweet tooth from getting you into trouble. Also, remember for those of you who have family members with it (such as myself) make sure you check to see that it is not genetic!

1. Take care of your teeth! Did you know that chronic gum disease is often associated with diabetes? It can make it difficult for your body to control glucose levels.

2. Overweight? Physical activity is a proven remedy to avoid many health problems. Keep it consistent.

3. Chill out! Stress as well as certain foods leads to high blood pressure, which puts you at great risk for type 2 diabetes as well as other medical catastrophes.

4. Puff! Puff! Pass! …NOT. Need I have to say why smoking is bad for you? Okay then, moving on…

5. Substitute the licorice for spinach-well not exactly. However, since of many of you, like myself, may have a problem getting rid of dessert all together, replacing a fruit for a piece of pie can save a slice of your life.

These tips always seem like common sense right? Well then why the heck are so many people affected by it in the U.S.? That’s another story…Celebs like Bret Michaels & Patti Labelle provide ways to live healthier lives since they deal with diabetes as well.

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Spread Love. Live life. Be Inspired.
Source: American Diabetes Foundation, WebMD


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