eyeWatch: "What's My Name"

We all know her name, and though past events may have silenced her for a bit, but there's no doubt about it that Rihanna is back, and LOUD! Her new record is in stores now and she has been releasing videos left and right. One of my personal favorites off her fifth studio album is her collaboration with Drake, "What's My Name". The video is simple, fun, and reminded me of the Rihanna we met nearly 5 years ago. She was very likable and personable in showing the cute/laid-back side of a "relationship" and everything was easy, breezy and carefree. The styling in the video was great and the NYC Central Park vibe just added to everything else you needed in the video. The song was produced by StarGate and the video was directed by Philip Andelman. We have the brand new video for your enjoyment, so enjoy it! Happy watching.

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    so freaking cute

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