Fashion Inspiration: Denise Huxtable

I think we all loved The Cosby Show. They gave African American viewers a positive sitcom to enjoy. I also know that secretly, we all wanted to somehow be a part of the Huxtable family. Although I loved all of the Huxtable clan, I have to say my all time favorite was Denise. I didn't just admire Denise for her cool Bohemian nature, but also for her style.

Denise Huxtable had to be the flyest older sister, with her over-sized blazers, harem pants, fedoras and Afrocentric pieces. She was simply fearless in her style choices - from her hair cuts to her head wraps. In the spirit of Denise, eyeInspire you to be original, be bold and be you. And hey, maybe someday someone will name you as their fashion inspiration. Take a look at some of Denise's signature styling from the show below:

Were you a fan of Denise's fashion? Who inspires your look? COMMENT ;)

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  1. Anonymous said...:

    Cute. She does have style

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    Love this and she was always my fav :)

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