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Word on the wave is that Hov has signed rapper Lil' Kim to Roc Nation - mixed emotions. On the one hand, it's Kim and she's a sure draw, even if off of personality alone; so in that case, it does seem like a good idea. I question whether the idea was contemplated thoroughly and before I get into the hoopla, I wanna know will she ever come out with an album. Shame is that in today's time people sign deals, and really become tax write-offs. By that I mean the music never gets put out. You get some shows and some cameos with the label chain, but never anything to hang your hat on. Need we really go through the list of people whom fall in this category? [Sidebar: Always have facts to back up your claim, I have mine.] But as I was saying, is this just a move to stir up the whole Lil' Kim vs. Nicki Minaj scenario before someone could capitalize off of Foxy Brown vs. Nicki? Hmmm...I wonder.

Next issue - Does Kim still have it? I'm not knocking her, but times have changed. With Emmo-rap taking over, the people want substance; not just entertainment. To think, the top 3 rappers at the moment have no showmanship (Ross, Jay-Z and Drake), but what do they have is LYRICS. Need I repeat, LYRICS!. Could this be a chance for Jay-Z to pick up his pen again? Let's not say he created Foxy - I'll argue that. Shout out to Inga.

As you can see, I'm torn on the subject; still and all congrats to Kim and Roc Nation, rock on! Let's just see if this project gets off the ground.

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  1. Anonymous said...:

    Word Kim?
    Yea idk. As far as substance I dont think Nicki has any, so Kim just coming back with that raw sounds of hers will be a good look. Personally I think her album will get pushed but i would love to see some new females in the game.

  1. I'm excited to hear. I think it'll be a good look. I think if she came out with a project it would definitely hit stores.

  1. Jas-E said...:

    Its definitely time for Kim to come back. I don't think Nicki has anything on her as far as rap. I mean her "punchlines" are okay but if you take away the sex appeal Nicki and Kim are on two different levels.

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