eyePoll: Truth Hurts

No matter who we are, what our age or how honest we think we've been throughout our lifetime, we all have told a lie. Whether the question was "Honey, do I look fat?" or "Have you ever cheated on me?", we have held back the truth from someone, often thinking that it would protect their feelings. That lie may have seemed like the right thing to say at the time, but was it worth it in the long run?

In any case, we've all played the other side of the fence as well, the person who that "little white lie" was told to. When it came to the issue of being "protected by a lie" versus being "hurt by the truth", 72% of you would rather be hurt by the truth. I was surprised that the vote wasn't split a bit more even, but I guess our readers prefer the truth. Some people would like to be protected by a lie to cover their insecurities or to be naive to a situation. Where did you stand on the issue and if you didn't vote what do you think?


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