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Kris Van Assche

What better way to accessorize this Spring than to rock a "Scarf with Pockets"? Yes, you heard correctly, this lightweight scarf by Kris Van Assche is comfortable to wear in any weather and most importantly it has pockets. The pockets are useful: keys, credit cards, anything can fit perfectly into it.

Compared to other scarves this one is unique because it can be used in so many ways: it's versatile. It comes in Pearl (the color shown in the pictures) and black. Both colors are neutral and will go perfectly with white, blue, red and any other palette within your wardrobe.

Fellas, would you rock this? $$Buy it$$ COMMENT!

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  1. Mr. SenseofFashion said...:

    Im just now getting into fashion and Im loving the mens fashion posts on here. Im trying to be a fashion mogul!

  1. Anonymous said...:

    At 1st look no i wouldnt but if i was on my extra flyy next shit then i would put something like this on.

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