eyeWatch: "Why Don't You Love Me"

Despite her being on a "6 month break", Beyoncé or should I say "B.B. Homemaker" has decided to get back into character and hit us with a new video! "Why Don't You Love Me" is another single off of her 3x Platinum album (bonus track on iTunes edition) I Am...Sasha Fierce; written by Solange Knowles. The video has a vintage-60s inspired edge to it; one look that she's giving us is a pin-up/mechanic and then one with the short Chinese bangs that we all love (not so much lol). The video was directed by MELINA & Bee Z. Happy watching!

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  1. Anonymous said...:

    In my eyes Bey can do no wrong.

  1. My favorite part was her dusting off her Grammys lol

  1. Jas said...:

    My b****!

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