W.O.W.: Everybody Hates FISH

Everyone has their favorite show, and although I have a few, for the past several month, Everybody Hates Chris has been one of them. Why? Two reasons: One, the show is funny; and two, I can relate. Sometimes I just feel like everybody hates Tiff. But regardless, today's Wild Out Wednesday clip is coming from one of my favorite episodes entitled "Everybody Hate Corleone."; where Julius finds a new job that pays more than his previous two jobs combined. Unfortunately, no one can stand the smell. Happy watching (Fast forward >> to 6:25 - 7:33)!

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My favorite line - Rochelle: "You smell like curried tube socks!"

LMAO! I love this show. Unfortunately it only made it to four seasons, but it's definitely syndicated on The CW, Nick-At-Nite and a couple of other channels. Do you tune in? COMMENT!

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    Only you Tiff

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    its okay tiff i love this show too and that was pretty funny. i miss you so much. can you come back to ny and never leave!!!!!

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