eyeYeyeYeye: All My Single Babies

A video performance of the infamous Beyoncé track "Single Ladies" has been circuiting the Internet for the past couple of days. It's made its way onto news channels and has people talking! But what's the big fuss about? This isn't just your average "Single Ladies" performance, no, it's one by a group of 7-year-old girls and some provocative outfits and some dance moves that are a little too sexy for seven. There is so much that can be said on this topic, like are children growing up too fast, why did the parents approve this, is Beyoncé to blame, etc. but I'll let you view the video and leave your opinion in a comment. Happy watching!

Video Link

What do you think about the routine, the outfits and the performance in general? COMMENT!

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  1. DANiE said...:

    U beat me to it Tiff, but I'm glad u got it up... Personally, It is a little disturbing for me to watch. Clearly these girls are talented dancers, but this isn't tasteful.

    What is equally uncool is that people are calling these girls terrible names and treating them like they did something wrong.

    Im not suprised tho... its def not out of the norm for people of the world today.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    these little girls were moving, but it is a bit much with the splits and kicks and jirating lol. if they were black it wouldve made the news though, because its expected from "us". right?

  1. My thoughts exactly. I they were working it out but you're right, if it had been black girls it would be okay b/c its expected and it definitely wouldn't have made the news. But yea it is too much, although the talent is there, to be 7 and doing this, is ridiculous. I wish my child would come home and show me that routine with that outfit on. i would whoop the TEACHERS behind lol.

  1. Mr. Socialite said...:

    WOOOW...too much. I dont even remember what I was doing when I was seven. Maybe coloring or watching Barney. Parents should enroll their children in art classes and educational programs. There is too much of an emphasis on performing arts [not that there is anything wrong with it] but when you get this type of outcome, something isn't right.

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