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From Tru Statement Entertainment, M.A.E. drops their EP, More. TSE has a bunch of great artists that you all should check out by visiting trustatement.com. Don't know who M.A.E. is? Here's a rundown:

-M.A.E. stands for Mason and Express and Musically Achieved Ecellence
-They come from Long Island, NY
-Their music blends many genres to complete their hip-hop sound (jazz, alternative, soul, funk, and r&b)
-Jaime (Mason, M-Ason, Indigo) controls the main vocals along with co-producing beside Lars Viola (Express the Motif) who is the primary beat maker as well as vocalist

They're dope lyrists and you should definitely check out their EP. Available for free digital download now! Get it at Tru Statement.


In other news, take a listen to some new music from an elleELLEeye favorite, Ayindé. This one is called "Reserved", produced by Ayindé featuring T (of The Committee). Happy listening.

You can still download Ayindé's No Slices mixtape. <-CLICK

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