On the Plains w/Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

Denzil Porter, who's known for his punchlines, flow, delivery and visual aids, adds two more music videos to his gallery. He's a true artist and if nothing else, he knows how to keep his fans interested and entertained.

Today, we bring you his two latest videos for his singles, "On the Plains" and "Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde". If you know Denzil, or his music, you should know that he reps the Bronx/While Plains Rd. hard! "On the Plains" is exactly what it says it is. The video depicts individuals embodying the lyrics of Denzil Porter, as they can all relate to being "on the plains". This video was directed by Jaison Williams, who also directed D.P.'s video for "The Reasons."

The second video we're bringing to you is his newest, "Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde"; which was inspired by Robert Stevenson's iconic novel released in 1886. The imagery in the video displays the split personalities of D.P. very well, and we can thank no other than Ulysses Adams for his direction on the video. You'll get a sense of both sides of Denzil Porter; the conservative/mysterious side, and the beast! We hope you enjoy the videos and look our for more from D.P. as he gears up to release his new project! Happy watching (Warning: Foul language, listen at your own discretion).


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