A Mother's Love Prevails

Only a mother's love could exemplify such mercy, in dire times. I would like to extend my deepest admiration to Fay McCormack; who recently organized a plea deal for the man convicted of vehicular manslaughter. The DWI lead to the death of her son, lawyer-to-be, Malcolm McCormack. Stipulations of the conviction mandate that the culprit, 19-year-old Michael Ortiz, commit himself to 100 speaking engagements at local High Schools, as well as participation in M.A.D.D (Mothers Against Drunk Driving). He will partake in therapeutic sessions for the mothers of victims of drunk driving similar to his case.

Miss McCormack, a Georgia D.A., who trains and advises Georgia law enforcement on prosecuting DWI cases, conveyed "My son was a young man, and so was the guy who killed him." Fred McCormack Sr. said "For a 19-year-old to have to spend those years in prison, that's a big price to pay." This is the first time that a deal like this has been worked out in the state of New York. In the words of District Attorney Gayle Dampf, head of the Vehicular Crimes Bureau: "It's because of Fay McCormack. She's an amazing, amazing woman."

Amazing is an understatement, to have the courage to advocate for leniency, and allowing that young man to have a second chance on life is unexplainable. So many people buy into the theory of an "Eye for an eye". How often do you see a person live out what the good Word says to do? It is moments like these that renew in myself, a feeling of hope. Hope that there is some good in the world. Hope, that what the Most High intended for us, is actually attainable and prioritized amidst the madness which we see everyday.

Spread Love. Live life. Be Inspired.


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