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Just the other day, I was working on a task and someone asked me if I was done wrapping. I mistakenly assumed that they were asking me if I was done [with] rapping and replied, "I'll never stop rapping." Funny thing is, I was actually wrapping things up when they said this. Maybe you had to be there to find that funny, but I'm sure Si Hill would've gotten the joke. Who's Si Hill? The creator of Rapping Paper.

In 2006, Hill said "I thought that if I were to drop the 'w' you'd have Rapping Paper featuring rap lyrics." How clever? I'm a little upset that I didn't think of this idea, but I give props to him. Although Hill only has a couple of songs, once licensing issues are worked out with record companies, I'm sure the Rapping Paper craze will be a huge hit!

Find out more about Rapping Paper here

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