Block out the Stress

In celebrating Stress Awareness Month, we wanted to ironically share ways for you to relieve and/or block out stress. Everyone is different so, what may relieve stress for you, may cause stress for another. Here just three tips that may help you:

1. Exercise - Release all of that negative energy you've been storing up and hit the gym! There's nothing like burning off calories and taking the stress away in one area of your life.  Turning those stressful moments and people away, and getting your body in shape should put you in a great mood.

2. Sleep - Many times, stress is caused by the lack of. The lack of food, the lack of two extra hands, the lack of a means of transportation and/or finances...and the list goes on. Give your brain a moment to put things in order and take a breather. A nap will give your body what it needs to put your plan of action into work. Never let stress take away from your rest!

3.  Talk - You may feel alone in your situation, but there's always someone out there going through the same thing. Call a friend or family member and just ask them to listen. Getting out your emotions may help you realize that what you're going through, isn't as bad as it seemed when you kept it to yourself. If no one's around to talk to, you can always pray or talk to yourself. Just get it out!

If those fail, don't worry, William James put it this way,
"The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another."

Choose your battles. Stress doesn't have to be a factor! Think happy thoughts. The thing that's stressing you out is just one thing. Think about all the good things happening in your life. Think about the sunshine after the clouds from the storm. Remember, you're too blessed to be stressed!

Spread Love. Live life. Be Inspired.


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