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Do you or someone you know work in a hair salon?

According to the U.S. Department of Labor Occupational Safety and Health Administration, a warning has been issued about hair products that contain formaldehyde. Many salon workers have reported health problems, and overexposure can cause various forms of cancer (nose and lung).

Formaldehyde is a colorless gas with the formula CH20, and is commercially used. We normally see it in household products, given that these items contain a safe level (no more than .02%) of the organic compound.

HOWEVER, some products contain way more, including the ones we use for our hair, and you should be aware. Most come in the form of straightening products, and when blow-dried, it vaporizes into the air, which is not good for you when breathing in.

Do you use these products?
*Keratin Complex Express Blowout by Copomon (Coppola) 1.70 per cent
*Brazilian Keratin Treatment (Mint) - Royal Keratin Professional Line by Keratin Connection (also available in Chocolate and Strawberry) 1.54 per cent
*Veloce by La Brasiliana 0.35 per cent
*Zero (Apple) by La Brasiliana (also available in Clear and Mocha) 0.76 per cent
*Moroccan Hair Treatment by Inoar 2.84 per cent
*Original by La Brasiliana (also available in Original Chocolate)
*Domani by La Brasiliana
*Spruzzi by La Brasiliana
*Brazilian Keratin Treatment by Pro Skin Solutions
*Marcia Teixeira Chocolate Extreme De-Frizzing Treatment EU by M&M International
*Marcia Teixeira Brazilian Keratin Treatment EU by M&M International
*Brazilian Blowout Smoothing Solution by Brazilian Blowout 8.4 per cent
*Brazilian Keratin Treatment by Marcia Teixeira 1.8 per cent
*Advanced Brazilian Keratin Treatment by Marcia Teixeira 1.7 per cent
*Chocolate Extreme De-Frizzing Treatment by Marcia Teixeira 1.6 per cent
*Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy Treatment by Copomon (Coppola) 1.8 per cent
*Global Keratin Taming System Strawberry by Global Keratin 3.0 per cent
*Global Keratin Taming System with Juvexin Strawberry Resistant by Global Keratin 4.4 per cent
*Global Keratin Taming System with Juvexin Strawberry Light Wave by Global Keratin 1.4 per cent
*Pro-Collagen RX Keratin Treatment 2.8 per cent
*IStraight Keratin (Advanced Keratin Treatment) by IBS Beauty 2.3 per cent
*Brazilian Thermal Reconstruction by Cadiveu 7.0 per cent

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Source: Canadian Press, National Cancer Institute

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