I Will Wait...For You

In honor of National Poetry Month, I'd like you to meet Janette...itz. She's a poet and lyricist from Los Angeles California, and has been buzzing all over the web with her latest poem "I Will Wait...For You". The poem focuses on one of the largest aspects of a relationship, sex. What I love most about Janette...ikz is how she works her spirituality and relationship with God into her poetry. The poem is real and her delivery draws you in.

In a world where sex is put in the forefront for young people, it's important that the message of abstinence and celibacy is heard. Nowadays, young ladies and teens think that waiting for "The one" is impossible; but they need to hear this message and maybe then, they'll be able to understand how great waiting is. Happy watching!

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You can check out more from Janette...ikz and other poets taking part in the Passion for Christ Movement at www.P4CM.com.

Spread Love. Live life. Be Inspired.


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    Deepest word i've ever heard in a minute

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