20-year-old heartthrob, Chris Brown, has been in the eye of the pubic since his debut in the music industry in 2005 as a young and talented artist and dancer. Recently he's been in headlines and on television screens worldwide for other reasons; but today, he will be on the charts, your favorite radio stations, and TV shows publicizing his new album, Graffiti!

I've listened to the album about five times today and he didn't let me down. Although I believe that his debut self-titled album is one of his best, you hear a different Chris Brown in Graffiti. It is hard listening to his lyrics without thinking, "Is he's talking about Rihanna?" but one thing that is admirable is the ability and willingness to have their personal experiences inspire their work.

Brown worked with Polow Da Don, Swizz Beatz, The Messengers and The Runners amongst others to produce the follow-up to Exclusive. The album was preceded by the single "I Can Transform Ya"; which is definitely one of my favorite records on the album. Brown stated,
"I wanted to change it up and really be different. Like my style nowadays, I don't try to be typical urban. I want to be like how Prince and Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder were. They can cross over to any genre of music."
And he did just that with the eclectic arrangement on the album. I'm sure he'll appear on Billboard's Pop, R&B, and Dance charts.

My favorite records are: "Lucky Me"; in which Chris expresses his gratitude and appreciation for what he has although he's had his downfalls in life and his career. I'm loving the 80s punk rock feel on the song "Pass Out", and I love the overall feel of "Girlfriend". Brown got his sexy on with R&B sensation Trey Songz on "Wait", and although I dislike the connotation between the song and his relationship with Rihanna, I love "Crawl".

Chris Brown definitely delivered and hopefully the public will be able to view him as the human being he is and accept that everyone makes mistakes. Good job Chris! Make sure you cop your copy of Graffiti!

Will you be supporting Chris Brown? What did you think of the album?

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  1. Ebony said...:

    I agree. People need to forgive and move on. No one is perfect. I look forward to hearing his album. Good review

  1. Ja said...:

    Great review Tiff

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