Conspiracy Theory: Bin Laden

Sunday May 1st, 2011 marked a day sure to go down in the history books. President Obama announced the death of Osama Bin Laden, the leader of the terrorist group Al-Quaida. And there has been skepticism ever since.

The conspiracy theories that have surrounded Bin Laden's death are mostly due to the nature of his burial, and the refusal by The White House to release photos of his body.

But, before we all shout "Conspiracy!" let us take a deeper look to see if their really is a method to The White House's "madness."

The burial: Bin Laden was buried in the Arabic Sea after his body was taken from his Pakistan compound in respect to his Islamic faith. Many may be outraged by showing any form of respect to a mass murderer but, this is the standard the U.S is trying to set to not be like those that we are fighting against.Which brings me to my next point, the photos. The White house has refused to release photos of Bin Laden's body to avoid them being seen as "trophies" of his killing. And most importantly to insure national security fearing the photos will incite violence; according to

Whether we agree on his killing, burial or the handling, it is safe to say that Osama Bin Laden is dead. So now we can put our skepticism to better use; the aftermath.

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