What Are You Waiting, 4?

How anticipated was Beyoncé's 4th solo studio album? So much that it was leaked as early as a month before it was due to release. But today, fans and foes will have to wait no longer, because the new album, entitled 4, is here! Featuring singles, "1+1", "Best Thing I Never Had" and the infamous "Run The World (Girls)", the album has set a tone and a bar for that matter. Some weren't expecting the eclectically put together album, but its either something you'll love or as a cynic, you'll love to criticize. Despite the good or bad reviews, I'm here to let you know that as a fan, I was not disappointed.

eyeBelieve that once again, the "Queen B" has created a timeless album. What are my favorite tracks? Let's see..."Love On Top" is on the top of the list. I love this mid-tempo, pop 80s track. I love the chord modulations, the vocals and the groove. Another on of my favorites is "Countdown". Although it doesn't sound like the mature Beyoncé that we were introduced to as early as her first album Dangerously In Love and the "I Am" side of I Am...Sasha Fierce, it's catchy and fun to sing. One this about Beyoncé, is with her albums, I always expect more, but I guess that's a great marketing scheme. I think it's a well put together album and there's something for everyone.

Is the album what you expected? What's your favorite track? Least favorite? COMMENT!

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