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There comes a time in everyone's life where things change completely.  Just ask rapper Nixon Nyce, who has recently been affected by the disease Multiple Sclerosis (MS). When life throws us off for a second, we have a choice whether we'll let our circumstances control us, or if we're control them. 

Nixon took it upon himself to make a difference. Not only is he looking to change his life, but the life of others affected by MS.  Do you have a favorite rap artist? Well we need you to go onto Twitter and make them, and all of your followers, aware of the charity project Nixon has taken on. Not often will anyone have a charity event where 100% of the proceeds benefit the organization, but Nixon is serious about raising money and giving it directly to the cause at hand; the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. Watch the video below to see Nizon's personal testimony, and what you need to do to help. Happy watching!

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For more information on how to help Nixon Nyce with the cause, visit

For more information on MS, check out

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