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Ahhh, what a good morning it is, the sun is shining [in Georgia], it's Friday, and the little birdies are going tweet tweet tweet! Well not literally, but twitter has just about everyone who has an opinion sending messages [or tweets] through the net for all of their followers to see.

With all of the twitter lingo [tweet=messages, tweeple=people, tworld=world, tweeties=sweeties (my personal fave), RT=retweet, DM=direct message, etc.], I won't lie, I am a bit [or very] addicted to twitter, but I don't see the harm in that! Oh, and today is Friday a.k.a. "Follow Friday" where twitter users encourage their followers to follow them or their friends; i.e. FF @myfriendjill @myotherfriend @misstiffybaby [that's me]!

Well there not that much more to it, but if you're not tweeting yet, I would suggest you sign up at http://www.twitter.com/ and...

Here are some of my past tweets:

1. "y is every1 b-n so hostile towards me? do i have to remind yall that im from f*&%$^ Y.O. im not no southern bell ill blow ya head off LMAO"

2. "i 4got to tweet this but like 2 weeks ago i woke up n WWE wrestling ws on n [The Miz] aka Mike from the Real World is really a wrestler lol"

3. "i just had ritz crackers and some ice cold water...and i think i have the itis"

4."Don't judge a book by its cover, or the pages for that matter. You better read every word in those sentences."

5. "all i wanna do is ::boom boom boom boom:: and uh ::trigger:: ::cash register:: ad take ya monayyyyy"

6. "@stah_see I had to post it b4 i forgot...[When my mind is bored I say 'a bidi bidi bum bum' - Selena] lol...i kow im very random"


l o v e . l i v e . i n s p i r e . = e l l e . e l l e . e y e .


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