Here's my chronological feedback of the BET Awards:

NEW EDITION OPENING THE SHOW eh idk how I felt about that one...LMAO JAIME FOXX IS STUPID! I LOVE HIM! THEY SHOULD'VE LET HIM OPEN THE SHOW! "Grown white men fainted...[Michaelllllllllll]", "I need a little room for this BOA!!!!! BOA-constrictor." Tyra looks like Naomi Campbell in the face and I'm not feeling the outfit so much but OK Tyra! Ok this stage is ridiculous...why are they having people walk so far to accept an award? I love Jamie's costumes!
Okay Keri, I love stage presence! Great performance, with her man swag! But I wasn't feeling the ending so much - overall good. Go ahead Keke Palmer! She's sassy! Jaime is fresh! [Blame it] Loved it! Snoop, T-pain with his $40000 "Big Ass Chain" and my sexy drummer Travis Barker? You gotta love it! Soulja boy did it on his own! The ending though...idk, he just left [lol].
LeToya looks nice, i love the chain and color of the dress, but not the hemline. I love Beyonce!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHE KILLED IT DESPITE WHAT THE HATERS MIGHT SAY. My only thing is that she should've left that costume for the her concert. Mary Mary did it, but I guess the crowd wasn't rocking with it...and Queen Latifah what?! Well deserved award for Taraji P. Henson! Her shoes were HAWT [her dress was too] and she had a nice speech! I see Jaime is making this his show too. Awww did you guys see Kanye's face when Guy came out, go Aaron hall! Bell Biv Devoe...damn reminds me of nights at Oney in Deuce. I love the seating arrangements.... [D'Woods, Diddy, & Dawn....Tyra, Amber Rose, Kanye]. Mike Epps, hilarious "give it up for Monica, Keyshia Cole and Keyshia Cole's mother Frankie!" LMAO. Keyshia and Monica look like day and night. Keyshia looking like Easter, but her Christian Louboutins are kinda cute! Beyonce was grooving to their performance with her green hoops! My auntie Bey looks so HAWT I love the dress and shoes! And then UNCLE performed D.O.A. - I still have that freestyle...somebody get me studio time and its on! And he cut his hair, finally! [that means] The album is coming! The OJays tribute was cool. They [Tyrese, Trey Songz, and that other guy] looked like they were dancing salsa though! Don Cornielus and the OJays are mad long winded [Okay, get off of the stage already!...LMAO he just said "sh*t"] Congrats to Alicia Keys and Wyclef Jean for winning the humanitarian award [giving back is always a good thing]. I felt so bad for Janet, that was so sad, I feel her pain [no to the fullest extent, of course but still...that was touching]. Nice job to Jaime and Ne-Yo with the MJ performance. Drake tore his ACL which landed him on a stool to perform; it was cool though. Last but not least, congratulations to my auntie Beyonce for claiming the Video of the Year Award!
Overall, the show was good, I feel like it was a tad bit messy because of them making adjustments for MJ. Personally I think that they should've stuck to the original plans of the show and just had an MJ tribute segment. He does deserve it being the King of Pop and all, but it's kind of turning into the MJ Awards. Did they cut out the list of nominees to accommodate all of the MJ tributes? Where was the energy in the audience this year? Good show, but entirely too long, like my sentences are mad fragmented due to the lengthiness of the show. But that's all for now people! Hope I provided you with a good recap!

l o v e . l i v e . i n s p i r e . = e l l e . e l l e . e y e .


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