And ANTM is... Ann!

The cycle 15 winner of America's Next Top Model is Ann the season's underdog from Dallas. Ann's win shocked most of the show's fans on the Dec 1st finale due to the fact that she was looked up as the quirky one with her super skinny, tall physique, gap teeth and shy personality.

Ann's awkwardness was especially noticeable next to the runner up Chelsey, who was the girl next door and every one's pick to win. Ann will receive a spread in Vogue Italia, a spread and cover in Beauty in Vogue, along with a feature in She will also receive a contract with IMG models and a $100,000 contract with Cover Girl cosmetics. Ann's win has reinforced the idea of embracing your differences and reminded us that its cool and beautiful to be different. I'll be looking forward to seeing the underdog grace magazine covers, what about you?

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