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Blogging: A universal form of writing where people share their thoughts, opinions, photos, videos, etc. for the world to see. Some blog about music, relationships, and food, while others may choose to use their blog as a form of an open diary. Whatever your cup of tea is when it comes to blogging, you stumble upon your favorite blogs once you enter into the blogosphere. One blogger that I find to be gifted in what she does is The Lady Blogga.

The Lady Blogga is currently gearing up to release of her book, “The Little Things We Learn In Life” ; which is a 3 book series that focuses on three important aspects of life…“the Heart”, “the Grind”, “the Fam”. Book 1, “the Heart” is due out next month. ”the Heart” takes the reader on a myriad of journeys through various relationships. Relationships that are affected by some of the same things that are dealt with in real life. Mistresses, occupations, Social Networking… But it also gives the other side. Love, Happiness, Togetherness. The objective behind the book is to help the reader see beyond their own situation (

Other than preparing herself for becoming a published writer with a book on the shelves of your favorite bookstores (and hopefully, the New York Times Best-Sellers list), she's not afraid to speak her mind! Don't believe me?

Check out the blog for yourself and read "What She Said"

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    tha lady blogga is dope

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