eyeSpy: Solange...Underrated

Can We PLEASE Acknowledge How Fly Solange Is? As you all have probably noticed, I'm a fan of the funky, bold and fierce. Originality is my forte, and I admire anyone who isn't afraid to be different. So, with that being said I'd like to take the time out to acknowledge someone who exhibits all of the above qualities, one of my fashion inspirations Solange.

We all know Solange Knowles as being the younger sibling to the superstar Beyonce Knowles but, lately Solange has mostly been noted for her FASHION. She has been seen wearing everything from nostalgic "Poetic Justice" 90's braids to bold prints, bright lips and funky shades. And let's not forget her greatest accessory, confidence. Whether or not you agree with her fashion choices, I believe we can all agree that Ms. Knowles has made a statement!

Spread Love. Live life. Be Inspired.

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